Williams Web Solutions provides best in class website hosting, spam-free business-class email hosting all with a personal touch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below is a list of common questions asked by our users with answers to assist you with your hosting experience with Williams Web Solutions. If you feel we forgot to include something, please bring it to our attention by contacting us at Support@WWSHosting.com and we will provide that necessary information as well.

What are your name servers?

When you own your own domain and you desire to use Williams Web Solutions to host your website and/or email, we recommend that you allow us to manage your DNS records to avoid mistakes and possible down time due to outages. Our name servers are ns1.williamswebsolutions.net and ns2.williamswebsolutions.net.

Before changing your name servers to ours, please notify us of any records needed to help minimize downtime and speed up DNS propagation.

What is the incoming and outgoing mail server for my company?

To make it simple for our clients and privatize the mail service, your mail server address is mail.yourdomain.com. Simply apply that information in your smart phone, tablet, Outlook, or other preferred email application.

What is my user or login name for my email? What is my password to my email account?

Your email user name or log in name is your full email address. Although we can obtain your password relatively easy, we do require verification before providing the password to avoid account compromise and/or abuse of our mail servers.

My email program—phone or Outlook—says that it cannot connect to the mail server. What is going on?

Although there are hundreds of error messages with several possibilities as to why your email is not working, we do encourage our users to primarily have the correct mail servers, email address, and password programmed. This eliminates the chance of simple problems occurring with your email hosting.

If you are adding your account to a new computer or phone, we ask that you verify with your account information to avoid locking both your account and/or your company’s email service. (We have a security method in place that after so many consecutive failures of logging into your account, the IP address is blocked. This prevents hackers from abusing your account to send out spam.) Although locks are annoying, most locks automatically correct themselves after an hour.

Why does it says that I have sent too many emails too quickly?

We purposely throttle or limit the number of outbound messages based on both industry standards and subjective recommended usage of our clients. We can increase the limit of outbound messages. The reasons we set firm limits are to protect our mail servers from being placed on blacklists, to minimize the chance for a mail service experience with all of our customers, and to help insure Inbox delivery of your messages as some providers limit or “tar pit” messages from mail servers if received too many too often.

Most mail servers only allow 30 or less recipients in an email header. We recommend that you keep your mass/bulk emailing within a reasonable level. If you do require the ability to mass email people often, we recommend that you use a third party email service such as Constant Contact, iMail, or MailChimp (these are suggested companies, we do not necessarily endorse these companies nor are we compensated by recommending these companies).

Why am I not seeing email from someone in my Outlook’s Inbox?

We recommend that you log into your account via webmail. We may discover the missing email in the Junk Email folder. How did a legitimate email in there? Mail servers and domains are all scored on a determined level by major spam filters. This information is passed onto mail servers (like ours). Additionally, your email is processed with other filters to minimize the amount of spam. As a result, a legitimate company may host their email with a hosting company known to spam (Microsoft, Gmail, Yahoo, GoDaddy, etc.) and be blacklisted at no fault of their own. Although annoying, it is possible that the sender’s company may be on a blacklist due to a virus sending out a massive amount of email with an attempt to infect other computers.

To help remedy the matter, please follow or understand the following:

  1. Some of our spam algorithms automatically adjust based on information provided by the major blacklists. As a result, what was not blocked can become blocked and then automatically unblock without any involvement from you.
  2. Webmail has the ability to Whitelist a sender based on address and/or IP address. This can help with allowing future emails from the sender to arrive in the Inbox.
  3. Sometimes adding the sender to the whitelist may not be enough due to the sender either being on a blacklist or their hosting provider has a poor reputation for allowing spam. As a result, a filter may have to be created in the Webmail to force the email to arrive only in the Inbox.
  4. If all the above have continued to fail, please notify Williams Web Solutions and we can force the sender to not be processed by any filters and go straight to your Inbox.

My recipient didn’t receive my email and I have an error or “kick back”. So did they get it?

If you receive a mailerdaemon email, then the email failed to go through for a number of reasons (please do not confuse this with message delivery delays which are as a result that the recipient’s mail server is too busy or is experiencing an outage). The suspected reasons can include:

  • You have the email address spelled incorrectly.
  • They provided you with an incorrectly spelled email address.
  • The recipient’s mail server is down.
  • The email address simply no longer exists.
  • The message was blocked due to an internal firewall or spam filter on the recipient’s end.
  • Some email providers simply block our servers for no reason other than they just don’t like us.

I am expecting an email from someone and I did check my web mail and do not see the email in the Junk Email folder. Where is my email?

There could be a number of reasons why you did not receive your email. If you can provide us a date of when the email was sent from the individual you’re expecting, we can review your logs to see when the email hit our servers. If it was filtered and deleted, we can see that as well. If we do not see the email arriving or “hitting” our mail server, then the problem is at the sender’s end.

Although rare, some email will sit in the spam filter for a longer than normal time but average process time for email hitting our mail server and arriving into the Inbox is about 1.80 seconds.

Why am I seeing the emails in my Outlook but not on my phone or webmail?

There are multiple ways to access your email. Accessing your email via the webmail will show you the current messages on our mail server. If Outlook (or your default email program) is configured using a POP3 connection, your emails will physically download from our mail server onto your computer. Once your Outlook sends an “all clear”, your emails will disappear from our mail server freeing up your usage space. If you use IMAP, you will have direct communication and connection with the messages stored on the mail server—similar if you exclusively used the webmail. Although recommended for devices such as smart phones and tablets for needs of access, we recommend POP3 for your computer’s connection to help free up your storage space on the server, which will help with the speed of sending and receiving emails.

Can you help me set up my email on my phone, tablet, or computer?

We can help you as much as we can; however, certain devices or programs have certain steps involved with setting up the email account and we may not be familiar with every program/device that is out there. In this case we recommend you refer to your phone or software’s documentation. We, though, will gladly provide you with the needed pieces such as mail server information, user name (your email address) and your password.

Do you recommend IMAP or POP3?

For Outlook and desktops/laptops we recommend POP3. For smartphones and tablets—when considered for out of office or for responding quickly to a message while away from your computer—IMAP is fine. If, however, your tablet or smartphone is your only method of accessing your email, we recommend using POP3 for your connection.

What port numbers are needed?

POP3 – 110
IMAP – 143
SMTP – 587 or 25 (most providers block port 25, so we made 587 as our default port).

Do you use an SSL for email?

To help keep your cost as minimal as possible, we do not allow SSL connections to our mail server. Additionally, your connection to our mail server may last up to 5 seconds and those SSL connections only encrypt your connection, it does NOT encrypt or secure your email message itself. We recommend using a third-party service if you require an encrypted email from sender to recipient.

My email is running slow. Is Williams Web Solutions having problems?

There are a few typical reasons why you may be experiencing “slow email service”.

If it is during the receiving process (and you’re using POP3 for your connection in Outlook), then you probably have a large email or a number of large emails sitting on the mail server and it will take a while for those messages to download. We ask that you please be patient.

If it seems that you’re intermittently experience slow connection or no connection, try disabling your antivirus software as it can interfere with you sending/receiving emails. It can also be a result of your Internet service.

If it is taking a while to send out an email, it can be traced typically that you’re sending a large attachment and your antivirus software is scanning the message. This can cause timeouts and/or slow sending out of emails. We recommend either (a) disabling your antivirus software and then open Outlook to send out your email or (b) use a service like DropBox to store those files from your attachment and simply provide an email with a link so your recipient can download the attachment at their leisure. Although an added step, not all recipients have unlimited space and your message may be blocked or kicked back because they cannot receive it (or it could create problems on the recipients end to receive it).

I cannot seem to log into my webmail. It keeps saying “Loading” or nothing is appearing on the screen. Is this an outage?

This issue usually occurs around the time when we’ve made a minor/major update/upgrade with our mail server program and what you're experiencing is due to an expired session cookie stored on your computer. The session cookie stores your user name, password, and a security code allowing for quick access to the webmail. To resolve this, we recommend that your go into your browser’s settings and delete the temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and whatnot. Close all browser windows, wait about 5 seconds, and then open your browser and log into your webmail, it will typically load without a problem. If this does not work, try using the reset option that reverts all of your browser’s settings back to default.

Why do you have a fixed price for your server hosting while other providers charge "per hour" or "per MB/GB of transfer"?

No one likes surprise fees and variable rates. You deserve a consistent rate every time. Our rates are flat or consistent. Any overages--additional email storage, added bandwidth used beyond your normal monthly allotment--will incur a nominal fee as noted on the invoice.

Does Williams Web Solutions offer Exchange or Exchange-like hosting?

Exchange hosting offers the benefit of all email, contacts, and calendar is stored on a mail server and everything--depending on the application or device accessing it--is accessible. However, Microsoft Exchange licensing is extremely expensive and requires an incredible amount of support. Because Williams Web Solutions desires to provide "worry free" service, we limit ourselves to the traditional IMAP/POP3/HTTP methods to access your email.

There, though, are options to help create a similar experience to Exchange. One is to use IMAP in your Outlook or a MAPI connection that can synchronize your Outlook's email with our mail servers. MailEnable (the software we use for mail service) does provide a plug-in that will synchronize your Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks with the mail server. You can learn more at Application Extensions or at Synchronization for Microsoft Outlook.